$ 40.00 


Spinergy is a cool modern game loaded with random word pairings and bizarre (and not so bizarre) scenarios, brilliantly packaged with an architectural quality game board and impressively designed game pieces. The game gives everyone a chance to use their imagination.

To play, spin the three wheels to get three random words. Then use these words to create original, and often hilarious, responses to one of the 200 Scenario cards. For instance, using the words trust, inevitable and donut, describe how your life was saved by a platoon of Marines...compose a shocking tabloid headline..deliver the ultimate pickup line...create the next blockbuster movie! You'll use Haiku, riddles, rhymes, tongue twisters, songs, and foreign accents! It's different each time you play.

Comes with spinning game board, sand timer, two sets of word rings, 200 scenario cards, six scratch cards, pencils and instruction booklet.

Ages 15 and up