Rite Lite Passover Pyramid of Plagues

Rite Lite

$ 20.00 


Celebrate and educate all Passover long with this fun "Pyramid of Plagues"! Featuring a toy/play item representing each Plague, this is a fun way to teach and entertain children of all ages the miracle of the Jewish Exodus we commemorate on Passover.

One Toy for Every Plague:
1 Red cup for BLOOD
1 Frog for FROGS
1 Small black bug for LICE
1 Lion finger puppet for WILD ANIMALS
1 Cow puzzle for CATTLE PLAGUE
1 Sticky hand with white dots for BOILS
1 Red and white bouncing ball for HAIL
1 Large green locust for LOCUSTS
1 Pair of sunglasses for DARKNESS
1 - 12 pc. puzzle for DEATH OF FIRSTBORN