Marvling Brothers The Entertainer in a Tiny Box

Marvling Brothers

$ 10.00 
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Let the show begin with this magical gift that transforms a tiny . box into a fully functioning music box, complete with revolving figure. This unique matchbox kit contains a miniature music box movement that plays The Entertainer, and two magnets that fix on the winder key to create a Juggler that turns with the music. Also included are full instructions and a limited edition vintage collector's card. This all comes perfectly packaged in a standard sized matchbox which turns into the music box case. Whatever the occasion, be it a birthday, anniversary or celebration, this is a gift that is sure to delight and entertain children and adults of all ages. Above Average Contents: 1 x miniature music box movement 1 x winder key 2 x magnets Instruction leaflet Vintage Collector's card (design may vary from image) Actual box size 2.10" x 1.5" x .75": NOTE: Not suitable for under children under 8 years of age Made in England