Marvling Brothers Perfect Gent Grooming Set in Miniature Box

Marvling Brothers

$ 9.00 
SKU: AGSPerfectGent


This miniature man drawer is a unique and witty gift containing top quality rosemary essential oil, well known to combat man flu, innervate the brain and stimulate hair growth. The luxury, handmade shaving block will ensure that perfect handlebar moustache in minutes. Along with four witty cussing cards ensuring he will never be at a loss for words and useful instructions (with diagrams) this is the ideal gift for the modern gentleman. Perfect Gent In A Matchbox is a witty and unique gift for any discerning gentleman. Includes: 1 x 3ml bottle of 100% pure Rosemary essential oil 1 x handmade purple shaving bar, Cussing cards,