Are You My Boyfriend? Book

Simply She

$ 14.95 


From the funny girls of SimplyShe comes Are You My Boyfriend?, a book for any woman who has braved the wide world of dating. Here are 19 familiar guys we all know and have dated (or hated) at least once in our lives. The book's canny wit sheds light on the recognizable characteristics and behavior patterns of the "It's Not You It's Me Guy", "But He's Got a Great Personality Guy", "Couldn't Be Nicer Guy", "Mr. Lady Lover Guy", "Are You Gay Guy", and more. Are You My Boyfriend? is a comical reality check, an essential post-date classification tool, and a must-have impulse gift for friends, girlfriends, co-workers, and even for you. 

This book covers all the excuses you have heard from those commitment-phobic guys during your dating career.

Hardcover book with moveable dial. 48 pages with 19 humorous illustrations
6 1/4" x 5 1/4"