A Trillion Things All Moms Will Do Prompted Journal

A Trillion Things All Moms Will Do Prompted Journal

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Perfect for new and expert moms alike this prompted journal is a funny (yet heartfelt) way for any mom to take inventory of all of her accomplishments and total up approximately how much money her kids owe her. Use it to make amends for all the countless things you took for granted growing up, or just give a helpful ‘heads-up’ to any new moms in your life.

Features a vintage inspired spot varnished hardcover and 200 unique pages filled with all of the amazing things that every mom does that are taken for granted. Moms can check off all their ‘accomplishments’–aka, keeping you alive–or, you know, you could help her fill it out. It’s the least you can do.  This journal makes a great gift because it provides a fun and lighthearted way for moms to record their experiences and memories with their children, no matter how traumatizing! It’s the perfect gift for the perfect mother.

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