Patrick Meyer Passover White Pewter Matzah Plate

Patrick Meyer

$ 45.99 
SKU: AGSMatzoTile

Made by artist, Patrick Meyer, this beautiful porcelain plate has a pewter Sephardic or Persian design which has a Star of David within the square. Pewter is made of a combination of sterling silver and tin. The plate can be used year round or use it for a Matzah holder during Passover. Note: To keep the natural luster of pewter follow the steps listed below: Recommend you wash pewter by hand in warm soapy water, rinse it, then towel dry with a soft cloth. Item can be cleaned in a dishwasher but DO NOT allow it to sit in the dishwasher overnight. Remove the item IMMEDIATELY after the drying cycle is complete. Heat and detergent may prove harmful to the piece if it is left in the dishwasher for prolonged periods. There are various pewter cleaners and polishes available to maintain pewter