Marvling Brothers It's Magic in a Tiny Box

Marvling Brothers

$ 9.00 
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From Marvling Brothers in England comes a complete magic show all packed into one little matchbox. For the budding magician this little box of tricks is the perfect gift to get them started. Included in a tiny box is a mind-reading card prediction trick. With this simple trick you will accurately predict which card your volunteer will chose - they will really believe you can read their mind. Wow your audience with the ring escape from the spring stunt which takes seconds to learn. To complete the show, produce a magic wand from thin air. With a wave of your hand the wand extends from less than a inch to 2 inches in length. It comes complete with full instructions and script. Also included is an optical illusion vintage matchbox card. It's Magic In A Matchbox is a fun and educational gift to entertain everyone. Contents: Extendable wand Card Prediction Trick Ring escape trick Optical illusion card Full instructions and script ideas. NOTE: Box measures 3" x 2" x 1".