Men's 3-Pair Nude No-Show Socks

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$ 15.00 

  • Men's 3-Pair Nude No-Show Socks

  • Ideal when wearing loafers.
  • Made of 98% Turkish Cotton and 2% Elastane that is Core Spun with Turkish Cotton which makes your feet contact with 100% Cotton all the time.
  • Non-Slip Silicone prevents the fall off and Seamless hand stitched toe gives the perfect comfort.
  • Turkish Cotton is natural, perfect for healthy feet and sensitive skin, and not man made like polyester or polypropylene.
  • Core-Spun technology creates a Cotton yarn that Elastane is completely wrapped by the Cotton. That makes your feet to touch only Cotton all the time for the premium comfort.
Made In: United States

Lead Time: 1 - 2 Days